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Toward Runavík Risin and Kellingin - The Giant and the Witch On a hillside in Fuglafjørd, Eysturoy
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Runavík Municipality
Runavík is the third largest town in the Faroe Islands, with a population of 2,300. It is situated by the longest firth in the islands, Skálafjord on Eysturoy.

The town is one hour's drive from the capital Tórshavn and two hours by ferry and road from Vágar airport.

Runavík has developed extensively during the last decade and is now one of the most prosperous industrial and business communities in the Faroes.

The prospects of the Faroe Islands becoming an oil-producing centre has been taken into account, and Runavík has already taken steps to meet future demands within the offshore industry.

With its various businesses, banks and administrations, a well-developed educational system, a hotel, churches, community centres with a wide range of facilities, a museum, a sports hall, and a stadium, Runavík is the centre of Eysturoy.

The harbour of Runavík is fully capable of providing services for all types of vessels, such as roll-on-roll-off ferries. The total length of the quay is 1,200 m and the maximum depth is 12 m; therefore the harbour is well suited to receive vessels of any kind, e.g. liners. In connection with the harbour there is a multitude of services, including machine workshops, provisions, radio services, warehouses, coldstores and fish-processing plants.

Apart from this, Runavík offers ample opportunities for tourists visiting the Faroes and there are good and regular connections with the rest of the islands.

Welcome to Runavík, the heart of Eysturoy.

Runavík Municipality
FR-600 Saltangará
Telephone +298 44 70 35
Fax 298 44 84 49
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