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Toward Runavík Risin and Kellingin - The Giant and the Witch On a hillside in Fuglafjørd, Eysturoy
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Activities and events on Eysturoy
What, when and where on Eysturoy
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This tour departs from the Viking ruins near the ferry harbour in Leirvík, a tranquil village where people have lived for more than a thousand years. We visit the boat museum and a collection of paintings, which depicts Leirvík's history as a fishing community and which highlights as well the work of local artists. We then follow the path through scenic countryside, where every step reminds us of the ancient history of the area. The walk ends in the old part of the town of Norðragøta with a visit to the timber church built in 1833 and the home of the royal king's farmer. We also visit the local museum, Blásastova, which, together with Glyvra Hanusar house, represents the old Faroese village community in Norðragøta. The tour ends with coffee in Glyvra Hanusar house.

Departure point: Leirvík ferry harbour
Time: by arrangement
Day: daily
Duration: 5 hours
Min/Max: 6/20
Cost: 285 DKK
Availability: 15 May - 15 September

Mountain hiking

The trip starts from the tourist office in Runavík. The bus takes us to the idyllic village of Lamba, where we begin our guided walk at the harbour. We listen to the exiting true story of Norske Løve, the ship that was shipwrecked in a storm on New Year's Eve 1707 its way from Denmark to India. After walking through the old part of the village Lamba we start hiking up the mountain. When we reach the top there is a panoramic view over Lambavík. Southwards you will see a long row of cairns leading towards Rituvík. You walk along old peat strips. The terrain is flat and easy to walk. Faroese dry fish will be served in an old peat house in the mountain and the guide will entertain with stories from the old days. On the way to Rituvík we walk along a big stone called Hav Ólav Sterka. It is an old Faroese tradition to lift big heavy stones to prove manliness. Above Rituvík, you can see the island Nólsoy and the southernmost part of Eysturoy. To the south-west on the island Streymoy, you can see the mouth of the fjord Kaldbaksfjørður. The bus will be waiting for us in Rituvík. GOOD TO KNOW The price is incl. bus/guide and food.

DEPARTURE POINT: Tourist office in Runavík
TIME: by arrangement
DAY: daily
DURATION: 4 hours
AVAILABILITY: 1 May - 15 September


This is a walk across the mountain to Hellur. Newly restored cairns mark the route through the wilderness with the old peat depots still visible in a landscape full of history. The guide will be happy to tell stories connected to this old path. Pancakes and coffee can be served if requested in advance.

Duration 3 hours
Departure Eysturoyar Kunningarstova, Fuglafjørður
Price DKK 50 / incl. meal: DKK 75
Weather dependent Yes
Telephone 44 94 49 or 44 48 60

SLÆTTARATINDUR, the 'roof' of the Faroe Islands

Departure point: the highest point in the pass
Time: by arrangement
Day: daily
Duration: 4 hours
Min/max: 5/20
Cost: 185 DKK incl. guide
Availability: 15 May - 15 September

Cultural Events

Weekend 11-13 June:
"Eystanstevna" Eysturoy Annual Festival

Varmakelda in Fuglafjørður 2-4 July

Saturday 24 July:
Fish and general market in the centre of Runavík

Village Museums

Boat museum & Art Gallery in Leirvík
Open Monday - Friday 13.30 - 16.00

Blásastova in Norðragøta
Open: Every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday: 15:00 to 17:00 and every Sunday: 15:00 to 19:00

Forni in Glyvrar
Open: Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday: 16:00 to 19:00

Látrið in Eiði
Open: Every Wednesday and Sunday: 14:00 to 16:00


The New Church in Toftir
The New Church in Gøta

The photos at the top of the page are: 1. Toward Runavík, Eysturoy 2. Risin and Kellingin - The Giant and the Witch, Eysturoy 3. On a hillside in Fuglafjørd, Eysturoy
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