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Toward Runavík Risin and Kellingin - The Giant and the Witch On a hillside in Fuglafjørd, Eysturoy
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Leirvík Municipality
Leirvík is a medium-sized municipality by Faroese standards. It is centrally located on the island of Eysturoy, between the capital, Tórshavn, and the second largest town, Klaksvík. Transport is by bus to the capital and by ferry to Klaksvík.

Leirvík is one of the oldest settlements on the islands. Archaeological finds can date habitation approx. 1,000 years back to the early Viking settlements, making the municipality an interesting visiting place for historically-minded visitors. Around the old community at Toftanes, thousands of archaeological discoveries have been made, explaining previously unanswered questions.

Leirvík town is located on a plane with a large surrounding area. Large mountains around the town give shelter from the wind. To the north, the town has an open view to the Atlantic Ocean and in the summer, the beautiful midnight sunsets add an extra touch.

The municipality is known for the large quantities of coalfish which can be caught by rod around the quay or by taking a boat just off the coast.

The town offers sporting facilities such as a swimming pool, an astro-turf and a gym.

Leirvík town has an excellent quay area with facilities for freighters and the fish factory is located right by the fishing dock. Apart from the standard fish species, the main export goods are saithe products which are exported to the European market.

Many of the important fishing locations are just around the corner, where species like cod are caught. However, due to current market demand, some trawlers sail to distant locations such as Greenland, Svalbard and Newfoundland.

Leirvík Municipality
P.O Box 42
FO-520 Leirvík
Telephone +298 44 30 06 & +298 44 32 76
Fax 298 44 33 74
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