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Puffin on a bike Ludvík Lundi - the puffin from Lundavík - by Roy Hello from Ludvík
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Puffin Cartoons

Animated puffin Animated puffin Animated puffin Animated puffin                  Animated puffin

Ludvík Lundi - the puffin from Lundavík - by Roy

All you need to know about the secret life of Puffins!
Alt tær nýtist at vita um tað loyniliga lundalívið!
The puffins arrive! Lundin kemur  The puffins arrive!
The bird life in Faroes is amazing Fuglarnir  The bird life in Faroes
Snow?! Kavi?!  Snow?!
Snow?! Summir dagar  Some days ...
Another flag to fly Eitt flag  Another flag to fly
The Annual Festival Fótbóltur  Football (soccer) in Faroes
The Annual Festival Olja  The search for oil
The Annual Festival Lundavíkar Stevna  The Annual Festival
28/29 July Góða Ólavsøku    28/29 July
The origin of Puffins Uppruni Lundans  The origin of Puffins
Election time! X við lista F  Election time!
Election time (2)! X  Election time (2)!
The Annual Jazz Festival The Annual Jazz Festival 
Christmas Greetings Gleðilig Jól  Christmas Greetings
Christmas Greetings Lundi á jólanátt  A rare bird ...
Puffin with Faroese flag

Puffin Band
(Did you know that young puffins are called "pufflings" - they really are!)

Ludvík Lundi - Born 1976 and still going strong. (the puffin who wears glasses). Click here to find out a bit about his history.

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Ludvík Lundi
the Puffin from Lundavík.
Born 1976 and still going strong ...

Read a little about the history of Ludvík Lundi
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