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A Faroese sloop in the harbour at Tórshavn Ólavsøka - the National Festival 28 - 29 July The Faroese ferry Norrøna in Runavík - the ferry sails to: Iceland, Norway, Shetland and Denmark
450 km to IcelandIceland: 450 km

Faroe Islands
- North Atlantic

Map of the Faroe Islands
350 km to ScotlandShetland: 322 km
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Information about the Faroe Islands

450 km (279 miles) southeast of Iceland and 322 km (200 miles) northwest of Shetland lie the Faroes, home to 51.371 people (1. januar 2019), and about 70.000 sheep ....

Please check our external links page for tourist and travel information, including details about international flights and the Faroese ferry service to Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Shetland.

Everyday life in the Faroes

Answers to questions about everyday life in the Faroe Islands
Weather and forecasts.
Public holidays


What's the population? and other basic questions.

The Faroese alpabet and numbers

Faroese alphabet and numbers

See what Faroese looks like.
You can download a (free) page in PDF format if you wish.

The Faroese flag

The Faroese flag

A little about the flag and Faroese history.

Tourist Information

Information about the island of Eysturoy (Faroe Islands) from Eysturoy Tourist Association

Listasavn Føroya
National Art Gallery

Open 01 June - 31 August:
Monday - Friday: 11.00 - 17.00
Saturday - Sunday: 14.00 - 18-00
Open 1 September - 31 May:
Tuesday - Friday: 14.00 - 17.00
Saturday - Sunday: 14.00 - 18-00
(Closed Mondays)
Program of exhibitions

The Nordic House
National Cultural Centre

Open weekdays: 10:00 - 18:00
Open Sundays: 14:00 - 18:00
Program of events

The Faroese national bird - the oystercatcher

The national bird

Information and photos about the Oystercatcher (Tjaldur).

Other birds

Some of the other seabirds that are annual visitors, are listed on the Faroese calendar see: "Arrivals and departures"

Listen to Faroese

What does Faroese sound like?

Go to a page with a few simple sound files for you to try. You can download them (free) in a "zipped" file if you wish. Also, there is some music from the Faroes

Faroese Football (soccer)

Faroese Football (soccer)EURO 2008
World Cup 2006
EURO 2004

Oil exploration around Faroes

Current news

The sloop Høganes

Music and drama

onboard the sloop Høganes in Runavík on the island of Eysturoy.

English | Føroyskt



Find old friends or family in the Faroes that you have lost track of.
Find penpals and make new friends! Click here!

The photos at the top of the page are: 1. A Faroese sloop in the harbour at Tórshavn. 2. Ólavsøka - the National Festival 28 - 29 July 3. The Faroese ferry Norrøna in Runavík - the ferry sails to: Iceland, Norway, Shetland and Denmark.
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Photographs from the FaroesPhotos from the Faroes

Go to map of the Faroe Islands
See a map of Faroes

There are 18 islands in the group with a total land area of nearly 1400 square kilometer (540 square miles)

Return of the Puffins
See a cartoon version

Olavsøka - the National Festival
See a cartoon version

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