in the Faroe Islands
62°N, 7°W

Northern coast of the island Viðoy Guillemots on Viðoy Toftavatn in July
450 km to IcelandIceland: 450 km

Faroe Islands
- North Atlantic

Map of the Faroe Islands
350 km to ScotlandShetland: 322 km
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What does Faroese sound like?

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Hello, how are you?

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Good day Please come in What is your name?
Goodnight Goodbye My name is Sóley
Thank you Thanks Good evening

More sounds
Music from the Faroe Islands
Faroese language books

The photos at the top of the page are: 1. Northern coast of the island Viðoy. 2. Guillemots on Viðoy. 3. Toftavatn in July.
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