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Bridge in Glyvrar Sluppin Høganes From above Runavík
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The sloop Høganes


The sloop Høganes is moored at the quay in Runavík on the island of Eysturoy in the Faroe Islands

"Tónasjón" (Tónleika- og Sjónleikabólkurin umbord á Høganesi) is made up of a group of people from the island of Eysturoy who arrange cultural events that take place onboard the sloop.

The group's purpose is to create a place on Eysturoy where, for example, musicians can perform - a place where the music and it's meaning comes first!

Among the many events onboard, have been performances of different kinds of folk music (e.g. Faroese, North American Indian, Sami, seamans songs, and ballads), Jazz (traditional and modern), poetry recitations, rock and pop music, heavy rock, classical music, a travelogues and a cabaret.

Musicians and artists from both the Faroe Islands and other countries (Denmark, Sweden, Spain and the U.S.A.) have enjoyed performing onboard and have particularly appreciated the acoustics. They have taken part with enthusiasm - in spite of the fact that they've done it for little or no payment! They perform what they like to perform and share with the audience, and on Høganes they are free to do so without restriction.

If you would like to share your talents, be it as a musician, actor, poet or the like, or, if you would like to be involved in the work of Tónasjón or offer suggestions please contact us.

Listen and look for adverts concerning forthcoming events!

The photos at the top of this page: 1. Bridge in Glyvrar 2. Sluppin Høganes 3. From above Runavík
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