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Puffin on a bike Ludvík Lundi - the puffin from Lundavík - by Roy The Puffin Band
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Ludvík Lundi - the puffin from Lundavík - by Roy

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A puffin at Christmas

A puffin on Christmas night?

There is a saying in Faroes that when something is very rare it is like a "puffin at Christmas". In the Faroese national newspaper, Dimmalætting dated 23 December 97, it told of unusual visitors having been seen because of the extraordinary mild weather.
The heading was "a puffin on Christmas night" and it went on to say that a puffin was seen flying by the hospital in Tórshavn, Robins were celebrating Christmas on the island of Nolsoy, a turtle was found in Kirkjubour and butterflies were flying around the islands as if it was high summer. Tórshavn was the warmest town in Europe for many days - even warmer than Gibraltar.

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Ludvík Lundi
the Puffin from Lundavík.
Born 1976 and still going strong ...

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