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Young puffins work out their own migration routes

2 August 2011 from Planet Earth

Young Atlantic puffins migrating for the first time scout out their own routes, rather than relying on genetic programming or help from their parents, ...

Murf's Nature Notes – The Parrot of the Sea

30 May 2011 from Irish Weather Online

Known as the clown or Parrot of the sea, the Puffin is one of our most recognisable and colourful seabirds. 

Seabird programme to track europe's seabirds beyond the blue horizon

30 May 2011 from Surfbirds News

Knowing the where and why of seabird foraging will be crucial in informing the designation of Marine Protected Areas across the north-east Atlantic. ...

A wild ride to the Faroe Islands

28 May 2011 from the BBC News website

Tim Ecott takes a trip to the hard-to-reach Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, where the weather is constantly changing.

Storm petrels on Burhou viewed through infrared camera

24 May 2011 from BBC News Guernsey

The camera follows the successful introduction of Puffin Cam, which is also based on Burhou, in 2009. European storm petrels are a sea-going species and ...

Wonders of sea bird city

21 May 2011 from the Scarborough Evening News

Crevices in the chalk are nest sites for thousands of comical puffins, while a small population of shags nest at the foot of the cliffs. The most famous of Bempton's sea birds is the gannet, nesting in large noisy colonies preferably on exposed cliffs ...

Plastic being found in the bellies of seabirds

16 May 2011 from Metro News Canada - Toronto

Jan van Franeker spends his day examining the stomachs of dead seabirds. ... specializes in the Northern fulmar, a seabird found in the North Atlantic.

Puffins get 'sat nav' devices for key study

16 May 2011 from the Irish Independent

By Nick Bramhill IRELAND'S Puffins are to be fitted with 'sat nav' devices for the first time, as scientists take steps to prevent them becoming an endangered species. More than 20000 pairs of the striking seabirds nest in mostly isolated island ...

Puffin under threat, says birdwatch body

13 May 2011 from the Irish Times

THE PUFFIN, a summer visitor to Ireland's coastline, is coming under threat from climate change and predators invading its coastal nesting areas. It has been estimated to have a population of 40000 but Birdwatch Ireland now fears the bird is coming ...

Flying in for the summer

9 May 2011 from The Independent

The gannets nesting at the reserve make up the biggest breeding colony on the UK mainland. Other regulars at Bempton include kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills, fulmars and puffins. Above, RSPB members view the nesting visitors at Bempton aboard ...

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