in the Faroe Islands
62°N, 7°W

Northern islands from above Funningur Sheep near Lamba on Eysturoy Moon from Toftir
450 km to IcelandIceland: 450 km

Faroe Islands
- North Atlantic

Map of the Faroe Islands
350 km to ScotlandShetland: 322 km
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X-Calibre - Mark Parker X-Calibre
Mark Parker

Comic fantasy meets Arthurian Britain. Follow the adventures of the disaster-prone apprentice sorceror, Cantiger, as he tries to master his profession none too successfully. Along the way, he encounters macho warlords, beautiful witches and assorted unsavoury individuals. (2000)

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The photos at the top of the page are: 1. Northern islands from above Funningur. 2. Sheep near Lamba on Eysturoy. 3. Moon from Toftir.
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