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An Oystercatcher in Toftir An Oystercatcher in Toftir
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Faroe Islands
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Birds in the Faroe Islands


The Guillemot - Uria aalge

A guillemot in the village of Hósvík on the island of Streymoy Known in Faroes as Lomvigi

Reports from the islands of Nólsoy, Skúvoy and Mykines all show that the number of puffins, guillemots and razorbills to be seen was much lower this year and is believed to be because of lack of food.

The photos at the top of the page are: 1. Ruddy Turnstone 2. Young gull
3. Artic Tern
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Guillemot (Lomvigi)
Oystercatcher (Tjaldur)
The Puffin (Lundi)
Shag (Skarvur)
Gannet (Súla)
Kittiwake (Rita)
Golden Plover (Lógva)
Lesser black-backed Gull (Likka)
Snipe (Mýrisnípa)
Wheatear (Steinstólpa)
Whimbrel (Spógvi)
Arctic Tern (Terna)

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